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ProMedica bans sugary drinks

The vending machine selection will soon be decreasing at ProMedica. The vending machine selection will soon be decreasing at ProMedica.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Beginning February 1, vending machines at all ProMedica hospitals will no longer offer sugar-sweetened drinks.

The ban will mean no more regular Coke, Mountain Dew, energy drinks, or cappuccino, in an attempt to take a more pro-active approach to the fight against obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

"When you consume soda, it's a lot different than when you have, say, a pop-tart," explained ProMedica Wellness Dietitian Nathan Drendel. "You get some benefit from the pop-tart. A soda or some other sugar-sweetened beverages are typically empty calories."

Hospital-goers will still be able to bring their own sugary drinks onto the property. Diet soda and black coffee will also be available, as well as candy bars and other snacks. Drendel said they may have some beneficial ingredients, and the hospital is only focusing on beverages right now.

"We're a healthcare industry, a healthcare system, and we wanted to make sure that we're taking a proactive approach to not only show that we take care of patients, but we take care of the community," Drendel said. "These items, while they may taste good, they do a very negative impact on our body."

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