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Westlake woman ticketed for 'loose' dog


Donte is a one-year-old Basset Hound who - like any other dog - likes a good treat and enjoys the finer things in life. Like jumping on his owner Yvette Richard. 

"That's momma's puppy love," she said.

The puppy has a love of his own and it's caused quite a stir in this Westlake neighborhood. 

"Basically, they're saying that my dog raped their dog," Richard said. 

You heard right. Dog raped their dog. For clarity's sake, let's start at the beginning. 

"We keep our dogs locked up in the back like you see we have a fenced in back yard. Well, we had no idea there was a little spot he could weasel out of and he did," Richard said. "We have pictures of the holes he had in his fence, well my dog got in but there's never been any proof that they even locked up." 

Neighbors who called police told 7News Donte was getting into their yard and mating with their dog. But that wasn't the reason they called police. They say it's because Donte snapped at their kids. It's a claim Richard thinks impossible. 

"Our dogs ... our animals are very friendly," she said. "They may be a little spunky, but they're friendly." 

Westlake Police Chief Michael Dickerson said Richard was given a ticket for a second offense of a city ordinance that prohibits dogs running at large. 

Back to that claim about Donte raping another dog. That comes from the comment line on the ticket that says "this dog breed another dog unwanted." Since no one really knows if the dog is pregnant, including the owners who didn't want to speak on camera, this is a case the courts will have to decide. 

"I have a court date tomorrow because of this. I want to know who gets registered as the sex offender... me or the dog," Richard joked. 
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