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Black bear tracks, scat spotted in Seneca County

© File photo: Black bear © File photo: Black bear
JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Residents hunting in Jackson Township, Ohio noticed something out of the ordinary this year.

"It was likely a bear that left the tracks, and the scat," said Seneca County Wildlife Officer Matthew Leibengood.

Wildlife experts say the tracks and scat seen by hunters were likely left by a black bear.  Black bears are endangered in Ohio.

Leibengood says area residents should not be alarmed by the find.

"It's going to exhibit the signs of a wild animal, which is to be more afraid people, and if it was to encounter people, it would turn and run the other way," said Leibengood.

Officials say anyone who encoders a black bear should keep their distance, and alert the authorities.

"We'll just take more information as it becomes available. If people see it, we'll take it and we'll document it," said Leibengood.

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