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More arrests expected in Valdosta murder


Valdosta Police expect to make more arrests in a murder and arson at a convenience store.

Yesterday, investigators arrested three men in connection with the shooting of Pierre Bradley and charged one person with setting a fire at the business where he was shot.

Leah Bradley says the man charged with murdering her brother was a close friend of hers.

"I just want to ask him why. He knew how I felt about my brother," said Bradley.

Clarence Casey is in jail tonight after Valdosta Police say he shot and killed Pierre Bradley early Sunday morning at The Game Room on Troup Street.

"I want him to look in my eyes, because he didn't give my brother that chance to look in his eyes before he killed him," said Bradley.

Yesterday investigators also arrested Radcliffe Eady and Michael Green. They're accused of threatening to kill Bradley moments before police say Casey actually shot him. Officials say the night of the shooting there were more than 30 people hanging out at The Game Room.

"We've received some cooperation, but quite honestly there could have been other folks that could have came forward and made this a lot easier for us. Now are we happy with that? No," said Cmdr. Brian Childress, VPD.

Travon Johnson was also charged yesterday for arson, after police say he lit the building on fire in retaliation to Bradley's murder.

Valdosta Police officials say they've been investigating The Game Room for several months now, and after these two crimes, these doors may be closed for good.

"That has absolutely been discussed, and quite honestly that has been discussed even prior to this incident," said Childress.

Bradley said, "I would love to see it shut down. That whole place should be a memorial, that whole section should never be reopen again."

Childress says he also wants to make one thing clear, "Anybody involved in any type of retaliation will be prosecuted, period."

Investigators say they expect to make even more arrests in both crimes.

Pierre Bradley's funeral will be Saturday at 11 a.m. at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Lake Park.

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