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Officials in Milford tackle school safety


Milford's school district, like every other one in the state, is rethinking security after what happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown.

This week, Milford's superintendent outlined the new school budget adding almost $100,000 in security upgrades to all of its schools, which included more secure doors with swipe card access as well as more cameras.

"None of the ideas I heard were overkill," said parent Kristin Carroll. "Cops in schools. A good idea. Putting locks on classroom doors. Good idea. Panic buttons are good idea."

The schools would also all have emergency buttons so someone could hit it from any building and contact police directly.

The elementary schools want to add door greeters. Someone who specifically watches and checks people in at the front door.

"Just to make them feel safe and comfortable, but not to have to overpower it," said parent Melissa Gonzalez.

Officials in Milford also want to add police resource officers. Right now, they have security guards in the high schools.

They are also concerned about safety during after-school hours and said that needs to be addressed as well.

On Dec. 14, Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother as she slept in her bed. He then traveled the few miles to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he proceeded to shoot out a security window, make his way into the building and kill 20 children and six adults.

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