Toledo schools plan for flu season

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Local schools are keeping an eye on the number of students getting sick from the flu.

So far, Toledo-area schools have not been hit hard by the flu. The Catholic Dioceses officials say even though they have not experienced a big problem yet, they do have a plan in case absences and illnesses increase.

Officials say the general rule of thumb is when 20 percent of students are absent due to illness, they shut down school for the day. Depending on how bad the outbreak is sanitation crews may be called to assist.

Although officials say it has been years since the school had to shut down completely, a plan is still in place.

"Our schools have safety plans, and that includes epidemics like this, so they're well-prepared and knowledgeable doing whatever they need to do to take care of that kind of business," said Frank Dilallo, school safety consultant.

School officials say they also have been in close contact with the health department and have sent flu prevention tips home with students.

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