Does It Work: Perfect Tortilla Pan

(Toledo News Now) - Makers of Perfect Tortilla Pan say shells bake perfectly into these taco-salad forming bowls, but Does It Work?

Makers have many convinced this is the way to eat tacos and so much more with these bowl-sized creations. Eddie Adkisson is willing to see if this product has enough crunch to pass the Does It Work test.

"This is just too easy," Adkisson said.

It's very simple to put in soft tortilla shells. Meeting in the middle, the oven timer is set for eight minutes.

"Now, I wonder how hot these are?" said Adkisson.

They're not too hot and it's not too hard to pop out the shells from the tins.

Adkisson starts stuffing the shells. He found one pound of ground beef easily filled the four tortilla pans. He loaded them up just to see if the shells can really handle all the fix-ins, like the box shows.

"It's everything I think they've advertised," said Adkisson after completing a taste test.

It doesn't take long to cook, it's easy to clean, and these pans don't take up much space. Plus, you get four for $10. These pans could really put some new flavor into your tried and true tacos.

"I really think this is an 'A,'" said Adkisson.

Could it be? The Perfect Tortilla Pan is perfect? Perhaps. It easily aces this Does It Work test.

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