Restaurant Ratings Review: Popular fast food restaurants with multiple violations

The new Chick-fil-A made this week's report.
The new Chick-fil-A made this week's report.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Throughout the country, there are more than 200,000 fast food chains, and maintaining a clean, safe kitchen can be a serious task for employees.

Wendy's along Airport Highway is grabbing the attention of Lucas County health inspectors. On December 28, a sweep of the facility turned up two violations. First, a prep-top cooler needs fixed, and second, employees must file a list of reportable illnesses. The incomplete list prompted inspectors to schedule a follow-up visit earlier this month.

The newly-opened Chick-fil-A on West Sylvania has five violations already on its record. Cooked chicken filets were sent to the trash after employees failed to time-stamp them. The filets can't sit out for more than four hours and must be marked to avoid unsafe food temperatures. A lot of food was also found to be stored on the ground throughout the facility. There was no sanitizer in any of the buckets that were checked December 27, and a lot of damp towels were sitting on countertops in the kitchen, which can hold bacteria. Cleaning supplies and boxed beverage syrups were sharing shelf space and posing a contamination risk.

Inspectors reminded an employee at Byblos on Reynolds to take out clean dishes with clean hands. Also, the owners need to designate a hand sink in the kitchen area, and install smooth, easily-cleaned floors in the basement where the meat-pie dough is made.

La Scola's Italian Grill on Airport Highway and the Starbucks on Reynolds had violation-free reports.

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