Former Hostess employees hope purchase brings jobs

NORTHWOOD, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Two companies are reportedly bidding to acquire parts of hostess following its bankruptcy.

The Wall Street Journal reports Grupo Bimbo and Flowers Foods are in a bidding war of around $350 million.

Hostess shut down and sold its brands and bakeries in November after employees across the country began striking over a union-rejected contract.

Former employees of the Northwood, Ohio plant are still unsure about whether jobs could return to the plant. However, they say they'd like to see a new owner bring staff back.

"It's basically the same rumors that have been going on for years... somebody's going to buy us," said former employee Melissa White, "Are they just going to take over to not put Hostess back on the shelf? Are they going to take over to produce the product? You just never know what the outcome is."

At the Northwood plant, 160 people lost their jobs. Nationwide, it was 18,000.

The winning bidders could be revealed sometime this week.

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