Famous dog stolen from rescue home

Bones' owners are offering a reward for his safe return.
Bones' owners are offering a reward for his safe return.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A dog linked with a scandalous east-coast homicide was stolen recently from his Toledo home.

Bones, a 130-pound dogo argentino, was held as evidence in a New York homicide over a year ago.

"The dog was covered in blood, the guy had bite marks all over him," explained Kathy Sutter, Bones' caretaker.

Bones was cleared and released, thanks to dog advocate groups. He was sent to Sutter, founder of the Northwest Ohio Underdogs rescue, for rehab and re-training.

When Sutter returned home from her father's funeral recently, Bones was gone.

"I noticed Bones' cage was open, and his blanket was gone, he was gone, and the front door was unlocked," Sutter said. "For some reason, they wanted Bones, because they had to walk past every other dog in the rescue."

Sutter said she is pretty devastated by the robbery. A reward has been offered to anyone with information that will bring Bones home safely.

"A very large reward, no questions asked," Sutter said. "We just want him back."

Anyone with information should call 419-508-5730.

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