‘Josie’s Bucket List’ grabs attention on Twitter

Josie and her daughter Ashley
Josie and her daughter Ashley

MONCLOVA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – A Monclova Township woman's family is using social media to help her cross an item off her bucket list.

Josie Langsdorf, 40, was diagnosed with lung cancer two and a half years ago. Since then, she's had multiple surgeries to remove tumors and her entire left lung, but the cancer is spreading. So she adopted a goal to live life to the fullest – for herself and her family.

One night, while watching television with her daughter Ashley, Langsdorf saw Scott Disick.

"My mom was like, 'Oh my God! I would just love to hang out with Scott!'" Ashley explained.

So the pair got on Twitter, a site Langsdorf was previously unfamiliar with, and got to work. One tweet turned into thousands of re-tweets by locals and even celebrities, morning show anchors, and athletes. The "JosiesBucketList" hashtag got so big, Langsdorf herself joined Twitter.

She said she has more serious things on her bucket list, but she thinks she and Disick would get along great. She doesn't know if she'll actually get to meet him, and if she doesn't, she's okay with it, but she said the journey to this point has been amazing.

"I know in my heart it's not long," she said. "But I'm just going to keep on going until I can't any longer…If this doesn't even happen, that doesn't even matter at this point, because of all of this. It really means a lot."

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