Wayman Palmer YMCA future in question

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Some members of Toledo City Council are raising concerns about the future of the Wayman Palmer YMCA, located on 14th Street.

The city owns the building and has a 20-year lease with the YMCA, which expires in 2015, with annual rent set at $1 because the city wants to make sure services and activities continue at the center.

Some council members are calling into question internal accounting by the local YMCA corporate office, which places a value on the rent at $504,000 per year, and a 13 percent internal charge coming out of the Wayman Palmer budget to pay for corporate services.

Councilman Steve Steel is worried it's resulting in money lost for potential services at the center, and wonders if it will have long-term impact.

"The long-term question is: is there any intent to remove services and programming from the Wayman Palmer, [in the] long run is there an attempt to make the finances look artificially bad so there could be a push to close the center?" Steel said.

Officials from the YMCA/JCC of Greater Toledo attended a council committee hearing on Thursday, and said the Wayman Palmer center is an important part of the organization's future.

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