Woman arrested after hosting teen party with alcohol

Kristen Donnelly
Kristen Donnelly

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo woman has been charged with child endangering after police say she got a 15-year-old drunk. According to officers, the mother was home when several teens, including her son, were having a drinking party.

According to police, Kristen Donnelly, 38, threw a party and allowed the teen, among 26 others, to drink there. The teen later needed medical attention after registering .13 blood alcohol content, which is more than one and a half times the legal limit for an adult to drive.

Police say they found empty beer cans and liquor bottles in every room of the house. They say they also found the young teens hiding and Donnelly trying to escape out a bedroom window.

Neighbors and parents were shocked to learn a mother was present and allowing alcohol consumption during the party.

Donnelly was arrested and charged with one count of child endangering for every teen present, a total of 27.

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