Restaurant Ratings: Violations provide establishments with New Year’s resolutions

Wishbone Fried Chicken had 11 violations last month.
Wishbone Fried Chicken had 11 violations last month.

(Toledo News Now) – A few eateries are in need of a fresh start following poor inspection reports last month.

For the original Gino's on West Dussel Drive, that will mean cleaning the kitchen, where grease and dust are a problem. Rounding out its five violations – food temperatures were found to be far above the recommended safe range.

Wishbone Fried Chicken leads this week's report with 11 violations. Inspectors visited the restaurant twice in December.

The owner needs to get rid of gnats, unused and broken equipment, and old food found in the coolers by inspectors. They will also need to stop re-using foam containers to store raw chicken.

But people searching for fried chicken have options: KFC along Orchard Centre in Holland celebrated a clean visit by county inspectors.

The Erie Food Market had nine violations last month. Raw meats were being improperly stored, posing a risk of cross-contamination. And open deli meat loves were lacking important date labels.

Flies were buzzing at Salsarita's Fresh Cantina in Maumee. The dead pests were found in the sink drain of the facility's kitchen.

And at least one employee needs to become food safety certified next door at Apricato's. Currently, no one is. Their soft-serve frozen yogurt machines need to be broken down and cleaned once every 24 hours – a considerable step up from their current schedule of once every five days or so.

Papa John's on Dorr Street is marking the new year with a clean inspection report.

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