North Toledo home broken into days after Christmas

Thieves stole all the presents the children received for Christmas.
Thieves stole all the presents the children received for Christmas.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – One local family had their home broken into just days after Christmas, and unfortunately it wasn't the first time for them in recent months.

The house, located on the 3300-block of Maple, was broken into last Friday. Connie Cirginski, mother of one of the victims, said the thieves kicked the front door open and busted the hinges off.

Cirginski has made it her second job to keep watch over her daughter's home, to make sure no one else breaks in.

"They can't even come home, don't want to come home," Cirginski said of the victims. "My daughter and her friend [are] scared for their lives."

Cirginski's daughter lives in the house with a friend. Both are single mothers, working to keep a roof over the heads of nine children.

Nearly everything the children received for Christmas was taken by the thieves.

"Ipods, phones, clothes - just about anything they could snatch while the girls were gone," Cirginski said.

She said the thieves even stole the blankets off the beds, food, and baby formula.

Toledo Police are looking for information on the break-ins. Anyone with information can call Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.

Some people have asked to help the family. You can contact the internet producers at and we can get you in touch with the family members.

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