Father of cancer victim reacts to EPA leader resignation

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced she is stepping down.
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced she is stepping down.

CLYDE, OH (Toledo News Now) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now involved in the Clyde cancer cluster investigation.

The resignation Thursday of controversial EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is upsetting and frustrating for the father of one young cancer victim in Clyde.

"There's some questions that need to be answered," said Warren Brown.

Brown's 11-year-old daughter Alexa died in 2009. Alexa is one of four kids in the Clyde area to mysteriously die of cancer.

"When folks get to Washington, they lose sight of the folks they would represent when they went there," Brown said.

He said that's what happened to Jackson when President Obama appointed her U.S. EPA Administrator. Last year, Brown received a letter from Jackson promising to visit Clyde and meet with parents affected by the cancer cluster.

He never heard from her.

"It's kind of a cowardly way of saying 'We don't have an answer, so we're not willing to go and talk to the families,'" Brown said. "If you don't have an answer, fine. Come and tell us that face to face."

The EPA has conducted soil borings at the former Whirlpool Park near Green Springs. Toxic sludge was discovered but Brown said he doesn't know what to believe.

"The EPA has been doing its job," he said. "However, they've been silent lately."

His biggest worry now is Jackson's replacement. What if the cancer cluster becomes a low priority?

"I'm concerned…the ball will be dropped and no one will follow through," Brown said.

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