Genoa woman returns home from Afghanistan

Other army combat medics in Iraq.
Other army combat medics in Iraq.

GENOA, OH (Toledo News Now) – Genoa woman Amanda Miller returned home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan recently.

Miller, 24, served as a combat medic in some of the more dangerous areas of Afghanistan. She returned home to see her family for the first time in nine months just in time for Christmas. Her brother Tyler masterminded a surprise for her.

"I turned 21 while she was gone," he said. "I told her I'd get her some drinks and take her out to eat…it just kind of went from there."

Miller said it meant a lot to come home and see all her friends and family. And although not much has changed since she left home, she said being back is going to take some getting used to.

"Difference of culture, difference of being in a different country," she said. "Coming back to having running water and that sort of stuff. It's a big culture shock."

Tyler said the time apart made for an emotional reunion when Miller arrived.

"It was a long time she was gone," he said. "A lot of different struggles, a lot of different things that happened over there. So when we were up in Detroit…saw her coming down the escalator and my parents started crying, grandma started crying…It was really emotional, but great, to see her."

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