Business moves to Sylvania

Downtown Sylvania will have new business starting in April.
Downtown Sylvania will have new business starting in April.

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) – A local company is moving from downtown Toledo to Sylvania.

Interrupt Marketing is a company with about 20 employees that work on strategic marketing and advertising for Fortune 500 companies.

"We've been in downtown [Toledo] for nearly 20 years with this company," said Principal and CEO Bill Rossiter. "Because I am from Sylvania, and about 80 percent of my people are from Sylvania, we really wanted to…support downtown Sylvania and really get that vibe of a small community and really thrive and bring some things to the community."

Starting April 1, Interrupt Marketing will operate out of the Maplewood Marketplace in Sylvania, after renovations are complete. Added incentives helped the growing business with the decision to relocate.

As part of the 10-year lease, the city is fronting the cost of renovations, which amount to about $500,000. To the mayor, it's a small price to pay for the new payroll.

"It means that Sylvania has a lot of things that businesses like to come to," said Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough. "And it's very exciting for our downtown and it will mean good things for the rest of the businesses in our downtown by adding more people and more excitement."

The company has grown 30 percent in business over the last year, and with his 5-year growth plan, Rossiter negotiated room for physical expansion into the lease.

"We're expecting at least 15 percent annual growth rate over the next five years," Rossiter said. "With that will come people, investments, and equipment. So we're very excited about that and the lease that we have gives us the opportunity to grow."

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