Cherry Street Mission serves hundreds on Christmas

Hundreds were served a warm meal on Christmas.
Hundreds were served a warm meal on Christmas.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Some Toledoans spent their Christmas volunteering at the Cherry Street Mission, serving warm meals to those in need.

They estimated over 1,000 meals were served this Christmas, marking the 65th year the mission has observed the tradition. And they said they are proud they have never had to ask for volunteers.

"Our doors have always been open, so our volunteers actually know from one year to the next that they are welcome," said Dan Rogers, president and CEO of Cherry Street Mission Ministries. "And they're always welcome to bring somebody along with them."

The guests appreciated that the mission was open.

"It means a lot to me," said Charrann Douglas. "I'm homeless, and my mother and father died…so I really appreciate it."

Volunteers said it has become a tradition for them to give back to the community on Christmas, and Rogers said there is special meaning for him.

"During the midst of a lot of national crises, to see that our community really does know how to not only demonstrate, but how to behave and care for one another," he said. "It's just, it's heartwarming."

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