Rep. Kaptur discusses fiscal cliff

(Toledo News Now) - With just a week to go before 2012 ends the nation still faces the 'fiscal cliff,' and without a new tax deal in place, Bush-era tax cuts will expire and payroll taxes will be climbing for Americans.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D – Toledo) remains hopeful a deal can be struck on Capitol Hill when lawmakers return to Washington following the Christmas break.

"We can't risk threatening the recovery and having people's taxes go up on January 1," she said.

Kaptur believes compromise can still be reached.

"Why don't we say let everybody have the average benefit," she said. "Let's continue the average tax benefit for every family which is about $2,200."

Kaptur blamed the lack of a tax deal on House Republicans from Ohio, including House Speaker John Boehner and Tea Party Congressman Jim Jordan.

"The President has been at the table. The Senate, both Democrats and Republicans have been at the table," Kaptur explained. "The weakness is in the House of Representatives where there is such a strong divide on the Republican side of the aisle, they can't come together themselves."

Ed Beczynski, owner of Focaccia's Deli and the Blarney Pub, worries if the fiscal cliff becomes a reality, local bar and restaurant business will suffer.

"With this, it's going to hit everybody if they don't work out a deal," Beczynski said. "Fall and winter is our high season. A lot of people are edgy, we'll see what happens."

Beczynski said he's concerned for any business which relies on people having disposable income.

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