Local gun shop owner weighs in on NRA proposal

NRA added to recent gun control talks on Friday.
NRA added to recent gun control talks on Friday.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – On Friday the National Rifle Association (NRA) proposed placing police officers in schools across the country.

Their statement was in reaction to last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Connecticut, where a lone gunman killed 26 people, most of them students.

Some critics of the proposal describe it as ludicrous, insulting, and paranoid.

Theresa Cleland, owner of Cleland's Outdoor World, won't go that far but did raise some questions about the controversial topic.

"The gun itself is not the problem. It's people. We're addressing the gun issue but not the people issue," she said.

Cleland believes the NRA's suggestion is a good start. But it's not the solution to preventing another school massacre.

She said one question needs to be answered: What's the problem?

"We don't teach our children to problem-solve, which is a huge part of the problem we have. And we don't address mental illness," Cleland said.

Cleland does think schools would be safer with a police presence if a gunman knew someone was there to fight back. But as some have said since the NRA announcement: How do districts pay for the additional manpower?

"How would we pay for it?" Cleland asked. "We manage to pay for unemployment, food stamps, everything else. I think there's a way to keep children safe."

Keep them safe, while not having to pay the ultimate price, another school massacre.

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