Findlay company creates 30 new jobs

Ball Corp. makes cans and can tops, like these.
Ball Corp. makes cans and can tops, like these.

FINDLAY,OH (Toledo News Now) – Ball Corporation is planning to hire an additional 30people as part of a company expansion.

BallCorporation distributes the largest amount of containers and closures for thefood and beverage business. They are expanding thanks to a $14 millioninvestment by shareholders.

Butnot everyone will stand a chance at getting a job with the company.

"Theseare very demanding jobs, with people who need high skills," said PlantController Jed Osbourne. "First of all, we need people who understand themeaning of team."

Manyof the jobs are already spoken for by transfers from plant closures in Floridaand Columbus, but there are still about half a dozen up for grabs. Employersare looking for people with mechanical skills.

Thecompany's new equipment will increase production rates. Osbourne estimated they'llmake about 20 billion cans and can parts next year – more than any other plant.That un-matched recognition makes the city proud.

"Theyreally are a world-class company," said Anthony Iriti, director of the Findlay-HancockCounty Alliance. "And having these new jobs come to Findlay with the increasedamount of investment is just tremendous for us."

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