Monroe City Schools closed Friday

MONROE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - Due to numerous unsubstantiated rumors, Monroe City Schools has elected to close Friday. Officials stress there are no credible threats, but the sheer number of rumors has disrupted normal practices and could affect attendance.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Department sent extra deputies to visit all the county's schools Thursday as a precaution.

These officers are in addition to the school resource officers from the department already in place at select schools. The department stressed they are not a part of a tactical team and carrying weapons.

Additionally, the Special Response Team, a tactical unit of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, conducted training drills Thursday. Following the training session, members broke into teams of two and are visiting with the principal and office staff of each school as a way of establishing their presence.

It appears that once students saw uniformed police, they sent text messages to their families saying the school was under siege. The department assures there are no specific threats, just an increase in concern and rumors.

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