Brie with Fig and Shallot recipe

Brie with Fig and Shallot

1 l lb. wheel of brie cheese at room temperature

¾ cp fig ( or Pear ) preserves

2 tbls carmelized shallots

2 tbls Dijon mustard

¼ tsp salt

Mix the preserves, mustard, shallots and salt together and top cheese with it. Surround with crackers.

Cheese an also be wrapped in puff pastry, bushed with egg wash and baked at 375 till golden about 20 minutes. Cool slightly and surround with crackers.

To caramelize shallots thinly slice 2/3 cup shallots and slow cook in 2 tbls olive oil. When completrely softened ( about 20 minutes ) combine with 1 tsp sugar and cook till lightly caramelized.