Tree falls on Blissfield, MI school bus

BLISSFIELD, MI (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Five students and a bus driver were taken to the hospital after a tree fell on a moving school bus in Lenawee County.

Around 7:30 a.m., the bus was headed east on Gorman Road, near Crockett Highway, when a tree along the road split in half, and landed on the front of the bus, Blissfield Schools Superintendent Scott Moellenberndt said.

From there, the trunk rolled down the side of the bus, breaking four windows and sending glass inside. Five students – one elementary-aged, four middle school aged – were taken to the hospital with minor injuries that may require stitches, Moellenberndt said. The bus driver was taken to be checked out, as well.

The tree, which the superintendent estimated was 3 feet in diameter, did significant damage to the bus.

About 40 students were on board when the accident happened, Moellenberndt estimated. The uninjured students were sent on another bus to continue on to school, and all their parents were notified by phone, he said.

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