Monroe teen arraigned after alleged school shooting threats

MONROE, MI (Toledo News Now) - A Monroe high school student has been arraigned on a felony charge after police say he made shooting threats.

Monroe County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Costello Jr. said the office is considering filing a 20-year felony charge against the teen. Costello said law enforcement officials are taking the teen's alleged statements seriously.

"We're not going to wait for anything to happen," said Costello. "You just can't do that, especially now."

The 17-year-old Orchard Center High student made references to the recent events in Newtown, CT, while allegedly making threats of his own claiming the world will end Friday. Monroe Police Sgt. Chris Miller said students and school officials overheard the teen making threats against what he described as the "well-being of the school."

The student was taken into custody after reportedly making threats verbally and on his Twitter account. He allegedly belittled Newtown's shooting, saying "that was nothing."

"He was going to take out as many as he could," said Mason Consolidated Schools Superintendent David Drewyor. "His threats were many and real."

Those who are 17 years of age in MI are considered adults.

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