Wood County schools see increase in safety patrols

An increase in patrol cars puts some people's minds at ease this week.
An increase in patrol cars puts some people's minds at ease this week.

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Otsego, Eastwood and Elmwood Schools should see an increased law enforcement presence in response to the recent Connecticut school shooting and threats made at Otsego Schools.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office provides a deputy sheriff to some local schools as permanent school resource officers, but now they are adding an extra presence. They have decided to increase deputy patrol at local schools the remainder of the week.

"What we've noticed is…outside the building, if you drive around, you're going to run into more deputy sheriffs than you normally would, which is great," said Elmwood Superintendent Tony Borton. "It's just, again, calming the nerves. I think that's the effect everybody's looking at right now."

Borton said he is also grateful for the school's year-round resource officer, saying he hopes it is a deterrent to potential wrong-doers.

And Wood County Sheriff's Deputy Chief Eric Reynolds said the increased patrol is a comfort to officers, as well.

"Obviously when you see a marked patrol car, everybody feels at ease," Reynolds said. "It's the protector of the neighborhood. And our deputies live and work within the school district, so we have children and families in the schools, too. We have a concern [for] what goes on at our schools, also."

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