OSPCA urges Ottawa County to stop inhumane dog killing

OSPCA is fighting to eliminate inhumane methods of euthanization.
OSPCA is fighting to eliminate inhumane methods of euthanization.

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Ottawa County is one of only three counties in Ohio that still uses gassing as a method of killing dogs. While it's still legal in Ohio, one group is trying to convince the county to use more humane methods.

It is illegal in 20 states to use gas chambers to euthanize dogs. The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) disapproves of the method and is trying to talk Ottawa County out of using it.

The OSPCA said gassing dogs takes more time than lethal injection, and it causes stress to the animals. OSPCA Executive Director Teresa Landon said it is the cruelest method to use.

"[Dogs] panic, they cry out, they defecate all over each other," Landon said. "Sometimes fighting starts. You know this is not the way that any animal should die. These are animals that are our family. They are our companions."

The OSPCA has written and called Ottawa County commissioners, asking them to switch to lethal injection, stating that current gas methods take 25-30 minutes and cause the animal's organs to shut down first, before the animal is unconscious. Lethal injection takes only two minutes, and the animal becomes unconscious before its organs shut down, so there is little stress or trauma to the animal.

Landon said if they do not hear a decision made by Ottawa County by Dec. 26, the OSPCA will file a lawsuit against the county.

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