Rossford Schools review safety measures

Rossford school board members had student safety on their minds at their Monday meeting.
Rossford school board members had student safety on their minds at their Monday meeting.

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) – After the school shooting in Connecticut, local schools are taking extra measures to protect students. Rossford Schools is one of many working to ease parents' worries in the wake of the tragedy.

Rossford Interim Superintendent Bill McFarland sent a letter home with students Monday, telling parents the school is doing everything within their control to provide a safe learning environment. The letter expressed sympathy for the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, and said Rossford Schools continues to work with the Rossford and Perrysburg Township police departments.

"[The police have] worked very closely with us in regard to our evacuation drills," McFarland said. "They are familiar with our building and whenever we have a situation where we feel we need law enforcement, we do contact them and they respond very quickly."

In addition to local police, Rossford Schools may soon have a school resource officer again after several years without one. The officer would be on the senior and junior high campus, but could move to the elementary schools at a moment's notice. The Rossford Police chief is working on a grant that could be presented to school officials in January.

School Board President Dawn Burks also praised the schools' relationship with the police, the surveillance cameras in each school building, and ALICE training, where staff learn how to react to a violent intruder.

"To see people having to go through such a tragedy, and to know that this could be in your backyard, it's something that you wonder how we are doing [and] if we're doing a good enough job within our school district to make sure that our kids are safe," Burks said.

Other districts are also taking precautions. Toledo Public Schools plan to sit down with law enforcement to get feedback on their current plans, and Oregon Schools had two Oregon Police officers at every building Monday.

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