Ohio schools must file safety plans with the state

Safety plans help local authorities respond to emergencies.
Safety plans help local authorities respond to emergencies.

(Toledo News Now) – The Ohio Attorney General has released a list of Ohio schools that have not filed their safety plan to the state.

There are 139 schools on the list. Seven of those are in Lucas County, and two in Wood County.

A law was passed in 2007 requiring all schools to submit a safety plan so members of law enforcement responding to any type of emergency can look at the floor plan of any given school to better understand the campus. It also puts the school plan on record.

Some local schools said there may have been some miscommunication as to where and when to send the report. The Eagle Learning Center in Oregon said they submitted their plan, and are in contact with the Attorney General's office to clear the mistake.

"Our plan is to get everyone away from the windows, we have areas in the back where we can lock the doors," said Director Loren Dirr. "And we always have somebody at the front door, so there's nobody that can walk in undetected."

Attorney General Mike Dewine said he hopes to have all Ohio schools in compliance soon.

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