Otsego High student arrested after alleged gun threats

(Toledo News Now) - Authorities say an Otsego High School student is in custody after making violent threats at the local schools. According to the superintendent, the student made the threat Friday afternoon and said he would bring a gun to the schools Dec. 21.

The student is being charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

"I didn't even want to bring my daughter to school today. All day, that's all I thought of. I even thought about coming back and getting her, and just keeping her out for a while, because, I mean, I just can't stop thinking about it. It scares me to death. I mean, I just can't believe that this is even happening," said Lisa Pitchford.
Parents and students are on edge at the Otsego Local Schools.

"The threats were made on Friday afternoon that possibly would occur on Dec. 21, 2012," said Superintendent Adam Koch.

The alleged threats came to school officials as rumors. With the help of the Wood County Sheriff's Office, as well as Haskins police, the school was able to determine the extent of the threat, and Bowling Green police were able to arrest the student.

Koch says in light of Friday's shooting in Connecticut, all threats are being taken seriously.

"We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our students at Otsego and we want to reassure them that any act of violence, or any information that could lead to threats against the Otsego Schools, is taken seriously. And we will work with the authorities and ensure that our students are safe," said Koch.

Many parents support that decision.

"It's good that people are diligent and they are watching out. If there's a threat made, it's got to be taken seriously. Because there is no way for these kids to defend themselves. They need protection," said John Jones.

There will be deputies present at the Otsego Schools for the remainder of the week.

The Wood County Sheriff says any threat at any time should be reported immediately.

"Let the authorities know. Let the school know. Let the law enforcement know, so we can investigate it and find out if there's any credence to it," said Sheriff Mark Wasylyshhyn.

The student is being held at the Wood County Sheriff's Office until the investigation is complete.

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