Williams Co. sheriff warns residents of circulating scams

WILLIAMS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Williams County Sheriff's Office has reported a recent increase in scams countywide, warning residents to be on alert.

Williams County Sheriff Steve Towns is warning residents to be aware and skeptical of telephone solicitations, e-mail communications and contractors attempting to collect money for unauthorized work. People are advised to protect their privacy by not offering information over the phone or Internet, unless it was initiated by them.

Scammers have been working around the county using ploys claiming to have performed work for the elderly that was never authorized, and phone calls identifying themselves as being with "government" agencies, offering refunds and uncollected money for a processing fee.

These scam artists have managed to obtain bank records, credit card information and payments from unsuspecting residents in the county. In return, the victim receives nothing, and in some cases, a substantial loss of money.

Another scam that has surfaced involves a person calling, claiming to be a family member needing money wired to a distant location where they are stranded.

AARP suggests creating a "family password" for only family members to know. Using a specific key word or phrase can help confirm the caller is a family member and filter a scam artist.

Anyone who receives an offer, solicitation or bill for a service that was not authorized can contact the Williams County Sheriff's Office at 419-636-3151.

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