Benefits of no snow

Not breaking out the snowplows saves the city money.
Not breaking out the snowplows saves the city money.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The heavy equipment continues to be pressed into service, to scoop up the leaves and clean the streets, as the City of Toledo's leaf pick-up program is nearing completion due to the mild weather.

"The weather's been very cooperative for us," said David Pratt, commissioner of streets, bridges and harbor. "The leaves have been down, we're able to get them picked up, and our goal always is to get the leaves picked up before the first major snow comes…We've had the opportunity to do that."

Should there be no need for the city to break out the snow plows between now and the end of the year, Toledo property owners can expect to see lower assessment charges for snow and ice control in 2014.

"The snow and ice assessments should be down in two years, compared to previous years where we've had heavier snows," Pratt said.

Besides leaf pick-up, the city has also been able to focus on other street services.

"It's not a busy month pothole-wise but right now we are doing potholes," Pratt said.

As seven new trucks are being delivered to the city for street operations, another benefit of the mild weather is less wear and tear on the city's fleet.

"Not being out on ice and snow control is easier on the trucks," Pratt explained. "Snow and ice is a very hard program on the vehicles. There's a lot of pounding and the salt is corrosive to metal."

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