Ohio group circulates “Right to Work” petitions

Ohioans may vote on "Right to Work" by next year.
Ohioans may vote on "Right to Work" by next year.

(Toledo News Now) – With "Right to Work" legislation passing in Michigan, the debate has been stirred up in Ohio.

A group called Ohioans for Workplace Freedom has been circulating petitions aimed at placing a "Right to Work" state constitution amendment before voters. Governor Kasich said his focus remains on other issues such as education and tax reform.

State Rep. Matt Szollosi (D – Toledo) said he anticipates a statewide vote in November of next year for voters to decide whether or not Ohio become a "Right to Work" state.

Szollosi criticized Michigan lawmakers for approving "Right to Work" this week, which he calls a union-busting measure. He doesn't believe any "Right to Work" legislation will make it to the Ohio General Assembly, but instead expects the issue to be debated by way of a statewide referendum movement.

"I think the argument is going to emerge, but I don't think it's going to come from the legislature," Szollosi said. "The legislative leaders have seen the results of [an] anti-union agenda with Senate Bill 5 being defeated 62-38. I don't think they want to take that challenge on again."

Szollosi said even if circulators can collect enough petition signatures, he believes Ohio voters will reject "Right to Work," just as they rejected Senate Bill 5 last year.

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