Napoleon to build new school, renovate another

The current middle school is reportedly in poor condition.
The current middle school is reportedly in poor condition.

NAPOLEON, OH (Toledo NewsNow) – The city of Napoleon is building a brand new elementary school andrenovating the current high school to house seventh through twelfth grades.

This will be a completelynew layout for the district. District officials said they are excited and readyfor a change.

"This is going to make ourentire community very proud," said Napoleon School Board President Larry Long.

The plan will involvebuilding a new elementary school across the street from the high school. Allstudents from pre-school to sixth grade will go there.

Long said part of theproject will be funded through the Ohio School Construction Committee, but themajority of the money will come from school taxpayers. A levy for the projectwas approved last March.

"Getting that through onthe first try was a major accomplishment," Long said. "I think we, as a board,and we, as a district, were a little surprised by that…But very pleased."

While some parents raisedconcerns about the middle schoolers being in the same building as the highschoolers, most say they're confident this is a change for the better.

"They have a great staff…andI think they will do just fine," said Ted Gonzales, a Napoleon parent. "Themiddle school is getting old and I think it's time for a change."

Long said the board hopesto have plans finalized within the next month or so, so the district can moveforward and start building.

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