Deceased woman found pinned between truck and garage

CYGNET, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Wood County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a Cygnet resident Thursday morning.

Wood County Det. Sgt. Rod Smith says the woman was found around 10:30 Thursday morning. The exact time of the accident is unknown.

A neighbor noticed her truck parked in an odd way next to the garage at Losee Street in Cygnet. After looking closer, he found the woman pinned between her Ford F150, which is registered to her, and the exterior wall of the garage.

Police say the truck has a manual transmission. It was in gear when they responded to the scene, but the emergency brake had not been applied. Police believe the woman got out of the truck for some reason, thought it was in neutral, but it slipped into a forward gear, pinning her to the exterior garage wall.

Joan McBrien, 52, was pronounced dead by Bloomdale EMS and the Wood County Coroner.

McBrien was a widow and lived alone. She lost her husband a few years ago and has a son who is a senior in high school.

Police say she spoke to a friend on her cell phone around 8:30 Thursday morning.

Smith says the death appears to be an accident, but an autopsy is planned and an investigation is under way.

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