New businesses affect mall traffic

Traffic is already dense on the corner of Sylvania and Talmadge.
Traffic is already dense on the corner of Sylvania and Talmadge.

WEST TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Two new businesses may aggravate the traffic situation near the Westfield Franklin Park mall.

An already busy part of Toledo has been a traffic nightmare during the holiday season, and with two new businesses opening on the corner of Sylvania and Talmadge, things could get worse.

Chick-fil-A opened a few weeks ago, and Zoup had their grand opening Thursday. Both restaurants will increase business in the area. From the restaurants' perspectives, it's great timing.

"This is good timing for the holidays, and the shopping and people out and about," said Zoup Owner Kay Brazier.

But for drivers, the new businesses can be more problematic.

"That's a tough intersection anyway," said shopper Mark Graham. "People getting in and out of there is going to be real difficult. I don't know how they're going to do it."

While the owner of Joseph's Beverage Center, which has been on Talmadge for 48 years, said he expects drivers will adjust, some shoppers are less sure. Mall visitor Kathy Zastrow said she thinks something will have to change.

"There's just too much traffic," Zastrow said. "You can't get through the intersections, you're waiting for long periods of time, people are just scooting through red lights, almost. It's almost becoming dangerous at times."

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