Arlington neighborhood makes safety a priority

The Arlington neighborhood hired Signal 88 to patrol their streets.
The Arlington neighborhood hired Signal 88 to patrol their streets.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Arlington Neighborhood Association is making safety their number one priority.

The association was one of the first neighborhoods to hire private security company Signal 88 to patrol their streets. They also meet with Toledo police to provide a sense of security for their neighbors.

"Safety is very important to our organization," said Perry Lefevre, interim association president. "It's a good neighborhood and we're trying to maintain that."

Signal 88 was hired a year ago to patrol the Arlington streets. Lefevre gets the weekly reports and said they are boring because there are minimal incidents. That means the patrols are working.

"I'm pleased that everything is settling down for them," said Mario Bernardo, owner of Signal 88. "I know a year ago when we first came on board, things were kind of unruly, a little bit out of hand. It's nice to know that we are being effective."

Signal 88 is funded by payments from residents. They are also the second entity to call when there is a problem, after the police department. The presence of both Signal 88 and TPD is keeping neighborhood crime down.

"We understand that the Toledo police don't have the manpower to do the patrolling they used to," Lefevre said. "We feel that's Signal 88's role…When we see a Toledo police crew, we know they're responding to a problem. When we see a Signal 88 car, we know they're patrolling – preventing problems."

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