Restaurant Ratings: Eateries housing cockroaches, gnats, flies, pet food

Pests topped China Crown Buffet's inspection report, which included 17 violations total.
Pests topped China Crown Buffet's inspection report, which included 17 violations total.

(Toledo News Now) - There's a little bit of everything in this week's Restaurant Ratings Report. Inspectors found gnats, flies and food meant for animals inside the kitchens of area diners and buffets.

Pests topped China Crown Buffet's inspection report. The restaurant on Monroe Street in west Toledo is no stranger to double-digit violations. This week, it raked in 17 total. Inspectors found grease and food buildup, food in storage uncovered, shrimp thawing in a dirty sink and drain flies dead in the buffet line and in the kitchen.

Miss Cue on New Towne Square Drive in west Toledo is also dealing with unwanted guests. Management is working to end its cockroach invasion. During its inspection, cockroaches on glue boards were found behind the bar. Its second violation was less critical, with buildup inside the ice machine.

King Garden on Monroe Street is keeping a close eye on its food temperatures, a common violation within its 15 total. Inspectors found chicken at being held at an unsafe 66 degrees. Also, raw shrimp and chicken were both being stored above produce. Additionally, items lacked date labels, the sink is blocked and a lot of heavy buildup was found throughout the kitchen.

Marco's Pizza in Maumee on Golden Gate needs its staff to become certified in food safety. The eatery is currently operating without that important employee credential, part of its two violations.

Another pizza place is working to clear up its 10 violations. At Vito's on Lagrange Street in north Toledo, inspectors found food on the floor, no date labels on required items, no soap and paper towels at the sink and buildup in and around kitchen equipment.

Also in north Toledo is Jerry's Pub on Ash Street, which may be housing a cat in the kitchen. In addition to damaged flooring, inspectors found a dish of cat food under the sink.

Employees must remember to wash their hands between tasks at Primo's Foods on Cherry Street in north Toledo. They also need to remember to wash their food – in this case lettuce – before cutting and serving it to customers. Inspectors found 14 violations at the eatery, including raw bacon and eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods.

Dewar's Pub on Fassett Street in east Toledo is trying to manage its gnats and fix a broken sink. Out of its four violations, inspectors additionally found damaged flooring, plus buildup on drains and pipes, leaving a foul odor.

Still, many eateries did pass their recent inspection. Rudy's Hot Dog on Glendale and Biggby Coffee on South Byrne in south Toledo, Wendy's on Alexis Road in north Toledo, and Pisanello's Pizza on Providence Street in Whitehouse all received zero violations.

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