Family robbed twice in one month, neighbors reach out

Neighbors help a family have Christmas this year.
Neighbors help a family have Christmas this year.

SOUTH TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – After a family's home was broken into twice in one month, their neighborhood is stepping in to help.

The family in this case wishes to remain anonymous, but neighbors said these unfortunate events could not have happened to nicer people and that is why the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization wants to help.

"They did take my husband's tools, drills, wrenches, a gold watch that I got him for our wedding, some fake jewelry, my daughter's rosary, cameras, all the DVDs, DVD players," the victim said in an email correspondence. "I prayed that if we were broken into, it would be minimal, but this is crazy…We don't have much and now we have even less. We will be okay, a couple more weeks of prayers and a security system and I think I'll feel better."

As the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization Vice President Molly Tomaszewski read the email, she was shocked.

"They're violated. They're totally violated," Tomaszewski said. "They took so much personal stuff. That's what really bothered me. We, as a community, our heart is going out to them. We want to reach out to them and help them in any way we can."

The neighborhood organization has taken this family's negative situation and turned it into a positive story of community. The family that asked only for prayers will receive much more from their neighbors.

"I've asked for cash donations or gift cards or gifts…and I've gotten a really good response," Tomaszewski said. "I'm sure over this next week-to-10-days we're going to be able to make a really nice Christmas for this family."

A neighbor told police that two African American males driving a black Chrysler station wagon were responsible for the second break-in. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stopper at 419-225-1111.

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