Two rescued from house fire Sunday morning

Two lives were saved Sunday thanks to the training and efforts of TFD.
Two lives were saved Sunday thanks to the training and efforts of TFD.

WEST TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Two men are recovering in the hospital after being rescued from a burning home by Toledo firefighters Sunday morning.

The Toledo Fire Department (TFD) is still investigating the cause of the fire in the 200-block of Orville Sunday morning.

TFD was called to the scene early Sunday morning and had received reports of two men trapped in the house. The firefighters immediately split into two teams: one to battle the blaze, and one to seek and save the victims.

"In the process of a room sweep, we found the individual and immediately at that point rescued that individual and brought him outside and began life-saving efforts in the front yard," said Lieutenant Matthew Hertzfeld of the TFD.

Hertzfeld said the men and women of the department train every day to make split-second decisions and save lives.

"There are still people out there that take an oath to protect and to serve, despite what amount of risk might be involved in that," he said. "And that's what Toledo Fire and Rescue's commitment is to the community…This is a pretty proud moment for that crew, to come to a fire like this and find somebody and save them."

The family and friends of Brian Zingg and Derrick East said it is thanks to TFD's efforts and bravery that their loved ones are safely recovering.

"My friend was trying to get out. He passed out at the front door," recalled Dustin Dudek, friend of one of the victims. "The dog was behind him. It kind of looked like [the dog] was trying to push him out the front door, trying to save his life. But you know, it's kind of sad, the dog didn't make it."

Firefighters said there were no working smoke detectors in the home. They would like to remind Toledo residents that smoke detectors are available for free at the fire department.

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