Lack of snow hurts some business

A lack of snow hurts businesses that rely on snow-plowing.
A lack of snow hurts businesses that rely on snow-plowing.

(Toledo News Now) – Many local businesses are keeping a close watch on the skies in hopes of more snowfall this upcoming winter compared to last season.

The plows are idle at North Branch Nursery in Pemberville, a sight which was all too common last winter.

"It wasn't good at all," said Dave Sheidler, of North Branch. "We went out two times to plow last year."

The company, like many other landscaping firms, relies on snow-plowing to keep them in business during the winter.

"It affects the amount of people we bring in to come in and work," Sheidler said. "We have prep time getting the plows ready, we order the material and expect it to snow and when it doesn't it can be a problem."

Pemberville farmer Roger Burtchin said local growers are also hoping for more snow this year.

"We would like to see some more snow this year to help build up the subsoil moisture," Burtchin explained. "The topsoil moisture…looks a little wet, but you dig down 2-3 feet and it's not as wet as it should be."

Besides giving the winter wheat fields some cover, Burtchin said snowfall plays a role for plants growing during the hot summer months.

"If it's not there, the plant struggles," he said. "When the plant gets stressed then it does not produce as much. Therefore our corn, soybeans and wheat do not yield as well."

And when farm production goes down, food prices go up.

"I don't think the average consumer realizes the impact rain or lack of it has on their food bill," Burtchin said. "The same with winter snows."

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