Little Flower church dedicates new church addition

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Members of Little Flower Church in west Toledo pride themselves in being a welcoming, faithful Catholic community.

Every time you drive down Dorr Street now, you'll understand why.

Prayers were said Saturday night at the grand opening of what folks at Little Flower call The Gathering Space.

The church now has something it has always lacked: a main entrance for worshipers off Dorr Street.

"We did not have an entranceway before, a prominent, visible space. So we wanted to exclaim our visibility more clearly to our community and help with our mission," said Paul Figliomeyi of the Gathering Space Steering Committee.

The 2200 square foot Gathering Space will be exactly that, a place for worshippers to gather before and after Mass to greet one another.

And hovering high above it is something Little Flower has never had: a bell tower.

They're still waiting for the bell to arrive.

"It helps us recognize our parish from a distance from Dorr Street. It proclaims who we are, proclaims good news because we are a Catholic parish," said Mr. Figliomeyi.

1300 families belong to Little Flower.

The next project is to renovate the church so it's more - as they say here -"liturgically appropriate." The Gathering Space cost $1.5 million.

All the money was donated by Little Flower worshippers.

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