Dunbridge Road re-opens after nearly 4 years

The signs come down Friday for Dunbridge Road.
The signs come down Friday for Dunbridge Road.

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) – After more than three and a half years, Dunbridge Road will open up again Friday for commuters.

Wood County residents said they can't wait for the road to open again. It will make their commute much easier.

"It's been closed off a really, really long time," said resident Taylor Vaught. "We usually have to go around everything to get to Meijer, Bowling Green, or anywhere out that way, so I'm excited."

The road has been closed since 2009 to replace a culvert. The "road closed" signs are finally coming down, but for some residents it's bittersweet. While making commuting more convenient, some residents that live near the road are concerned about the increase in traffic.

"We've [gotten] used to just pulling on out there and not looking [for coming traffic]," said resident Robin Leady. She said she doesn't feel prepared for the traffic increase, but it will be nice to have an option outside of I-75.

"A lot of us like to take the back roads, and I have family on the other side there," Leady said. "I have to go all the way around to get to the family and it's just going to be…a long time coming."

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