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AZ woman pays it forward to her volunteer movers

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It's a favor many dread: A friend asking to help them move. A friend is now paying it forward to a Valley couple who did a lot more than heavy lifting.

If you're buddies with someone, you might let them borrow your pickup truck. If you're good friends, you'll actually help them move.

But Frank and Jackie Steffen entered a whole other category after coming to the rescue of their friend Leta Arnold.

"I'm not really good in panic situations," Arnold said.

Arnold was moving from Casa Grande to Sun City West, but the movers she hired bailed on her on moving day and she was in danger of having to pay an extra month's rent.

"I just instinctively turned to Frank and Jackie because they are the kind of people you go to when you have a problem," Arnold said.

"She was up in arms, she was just all upset and I told her, we'll get you there one way or another," Jackie Steffen said.

Frank Steffen worked the phones, got Arnold a U-Haul truck and he, in his 50s, and his friend, who is 70, moved all of Arnold's furniture out of her house and into her second-floor apartment.

They made two trips.

"It felt like 190 degrees that day ... it was hot," Frank Steffen said.

"The sofa we had to bring up the stairs and I think we needed some oxygen almost at the end of that one," Frank Steffen said laughing.

Not a thing was damaged, from her precious Barbie doll collection or her brittle china.

Arnold doesn't have a car or any family left and on that day, her neighborhood friends became something much more.

"They just take care of everybody," Arnold said.

"We do it because we like people," the Steffens said.

"I didn't really expect anything for it," Frank Steffen said. "I mean, it's just something that I felt was the right thing to do. It's just something that you do."

The Steffens plan to give some of the $500 they received to their nephew so he can afford to travel from New Mexico to spend Christmas with them.

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