Some stores out of flu shots for season

Flu shots will still be available at local health departments.
Flu shots will still be available at local health departments.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Local drug stores and pharmacies that offered flu shots early this year are already running out of stock.

"Generally what we've seen in the past is every year…your chain stores start to try to beat the competition and one of their strategies is to start giving flu shots earlier and earlier each year," said Ben Batey, nursing director of the Wood County Health District.

A spokesperson from the Sylvania Kroger said they started offering flu shots in August this year at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) request. Now they are already out of stock.

"We ordered enough product to run our immunization campaign through Thanksgiving," the spokesperson said in a statement. "Typically, demand goes down after the holiday season begins. Demand was up this year, so we have already depleted our stock and our excess stock that is available to us."

Batey said stores may have ordered less this year as well, due to last year's mild winter.

"Every year you kind of have to pick and choose what kind of flu season you think it may be," Batey explained. "On the one hand, you want to have enough stockpile for everybody that wants it, but you also don't want to be sitting with a thousand doses that are going to go unused."

However, Batey said there is no real shortage or higher demand this year. While Kroger will not be re-supplying their stock of flu shots for the rest of the season, people can still visit the Wood County Health District or the Lucas County Health Department for their flu shots.

"We still have plenty in stock and we kind of anticipate to continue to do them through February," Batey said.

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