Findlay plans Race for the Cure

Participants at a recent Toledo Race for the Cure.
Participants at a recent Toledo Race for the Cure.

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo NewsNow) – A second Komen Foundation Race for the Cure is already being planned forNorthwest Ohio.

The plans are still in theinfant stages, but organizers have sent a tentative date of September 28 for arace in Findlay. They are hoping to attract 1,200-1,500 participants. Theirfundraising goal for next year is $80-100,000.

But it is important torealize that the Findlay race may start out small, but will continue to grow.

"We'd also like to remindeveryone that the first race in Toledo started in 1994 with 600 people," saidFindlay Organizer Mary Westphal. "It's grown overtime, but we think we'll havea very good turnout."

Organizers said bring therace to Findlay is important because there is a great need to serviceunder-insured men and women who need mammograms. The best way to do that is tobring the race to their area.

A meeting was held Tuesdayevening to discuss plans for the race.

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