Sylvania Township Trustees meet to discuss neighborhood annexation request

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania Township trustees met Tuesday to discuss a petition started by resident's of the township's Arbor Way neighborhood to join the city of Sylvania.

"Thetaxes are cheaper, our water would be cheaper, to hook up to the sewer would becheaper than if you were with the township, so there's a lot of differentadvantages to it," said Arbor Way resident Keith Silvernail.

Residents say they are unhappy with the services they are receiving in the township.  They say they want leaf collection, street lighting and access to a sanitary sewer system. Arbor Way residents currently use septic tanks.

After hearing of the petition, Sylvania Township Trustee Kevin Haddad went door to door in the neighborhood to talk about the issues.

"What they need [to be annexed] is a majority of the block, and they don't have a majority yet. A lot of residents don't want to go into the city. So right now I want to iron out their issues, and I'm working with several of the residents who are leaders in this group. We want to make sure we can get things done for them," Haddad said Tuesday.

Haddad says he is confident something can be worked out to keep the Arbor Way neighborhood in the township, but some residents don't believe the township will take their problems seriously.

"Well I think they put the water down like 10 years ago," Silvernail said. "But nothing's been done. And then when the petition guy...came by, I was like, 'Sure, I'll sign it.'"


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