Findlay man defends dog that attacked him

Cujo was shot and killed after attacking his owner.
Cujo was shot and killed after attacking his owner.

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) – After a Findlay man was attacked by a dog he helped raise, police said they were forced to shoot and kill the dog.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said the dog should not have been killed. He said he was attacked inside the mother of his children's home. It started when one of the children jumped on the dog's tail. When the victim tried to distract the pit bull-boxer mix named Cujo, he was attacked.

Cujo bit him on the arm and feet. The bites were so deep he needed 11 stitches.

"I was trying to choke him out to get him to release me, but he just wouldn't let go," the victim said. "I picked him up and slammed him into the wall."

When Cujo finally let go, he threw the dog outside and away from the children, but Cujo managed to get back in and started attacking him again.

The children's mother called 911. Police said they were forced to fire shoot and kill the dog to get things under control.

"The dog was blocking the officers' entrance," said Findlay Police Chief Greg Horne. "As soon as they got out of their cars the dog was aggressive toward them."

The victim insists that Cujo must have felt threatened in some way in order to attack the way he did. He says the dog should not have been shot by the police.

"They could have shot him with a dart or anything," he said.

The victim and Cujo's owner could face criminal charges as the dog was deemed a vicious animal by the dog warden.

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