Perrysburg mulls speed limit change near schools

PERRYSBURG, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Perrysburg city council is conducting a study of the speed limit on South Boundary Street. It runs through two school zones: Frank Elementary and Perrysburg Junior High.

City council says some want to raise the 25 mph speed limit, but others say that would put students at risk.

The people in favor of raising the speed limit say it shouldn't have to be so low for all of South Boundary when there are already school zone speed limits of 20 mph.

The Perrysburg Schools superintendent says the school zone limit only protects students right before school and right after. It doesn't apply to the times when students are getting out of sports and other after-school activities. He hopes the speed limit stays at 25 mph.

Around 5 p.m., when traffic is heavy, the area is filled with pedestrian students. In addition to the two schools mentioned, the athletic facilities for the high school are on the junior high campus, increasing the number to thousands of students in the area on any given day.

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